Online Payment System
We are negotiating on the convenience charges charged by PayUMoney for online payments. Please avoid payments exceeding Rs. 10,000.
Academic Fee Details:
Fee listings are applicable for students admitted on or after 2014. Previous batch students need to refer to their prospectus for the exact fee details.
Trimester 1: Rs. 75,500 Trimester 2: Rs. 67,500 Trimester 3: Rs. 56,000
Trimester 1 fee excludes the admission fee of Rs. 10,000 paid at the time of admission.
Trimester 4: Rs. 68,000 Trimester 5: Rs. 51,000 Trimester 6: Rs. 53,000

Examination Fee: Rs. 1000 (Regular), Rs. 1500 (Repeat)
Pay this fee only after university notification before trimester examinations.

University Registration Fee: Rs. 750
Pay this fee only once after university notification.

Admission Fee: Rs. 10,000
Pay this fee only once after accepting offer for admission into the MBA program.

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